Holiday Fasting


A funny thing happens when sewers quit buying clothes…… they become very clothes conscious. At least that is what’s going on with the RTW Fasters, and it certainly happened with me. I became obsessed with all things clothes.

I recently asked the Fasters to briefly comment on the experience so far and to date no one said they miss shopping for clothes – quite the opposite. Many have expressed a new sense of freedom as shopping for RTW is becoming a distant memory.

So what are they doing?

Robin bought a practically new Bernina Artista 200 last month and is all over the place making skirts, pjs, tops and more.

 Andi has been knitting.

 Jillian experienced a bad cat bite while cutting a muslin, She has been unable to sew but has been organizing her sewing room.

Lorraine (featured at the top of post) has been producing – big time. Skirts, tops and more skirt and more tops.

Jenna makes pjs for Christmas gifts. We know what she has been doing.

Would you look at Teri!

Something tells me she’s going to keep on sewing after her year is up.

Joy is working on a post about wardrobe planning and has completed three tops.

Jean has made tops galore from her stash! I was unable to download her tops but please visit her online album.

Carola is currently working on a skirt block (along with an excel spreadsheet to help with her calculations) which she is happy to share with anyone who is interested. She has also completed several adorable garments.


I’m crowning Cissie  Ms. Goodbye Valentino 2012 for making this jaw dropping Valentino dress.

cissie valentino copy

Cissie worked on this dress in a class with Susan Khalje this fall but completed it at home – indeed a labor of love, but very much worth the effort. I’m quite envious of the whole scenario here!  Currently, Cissie is working on a brocade jacket.

November found Barbara celebrating her birthday during the entire month! She received a new serger and has been sewing, sewing, sewing. Check out her red skinnies!


I’m always fascinated with the results of people who decide to take a different path in life, and yes, the RTW fast is a different path. We never know where creative endeavors will lead us, but I firmly believe it is always to a better place.

As for me………. I had the good fortune to take another trip to New York last week! This one had been planned for several months and will be my last for a while, but look who I bumped into at Mood Fabrics!  


Project Runway contestant Kooan is Mood’s newest employee. I also enjoyed a very nice visit with Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic!

Now that I’m back home facing the Christmas frenzy I’ve concluded sewing will be my salvation during the holiday madness. I hope everyone is off to a good start to the holiday season this month and  I hope to have a project of my own to share soon!

Best wishes to all  :)

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31 Responses to Holiday Fasting

  1. hazel walker England says:

    What I like about people who sew is they ALL look so happy………….. sewing makes people smile and forget all their worries about other things. hazel

  2. Becky says:

    WOW! If you ladies don’t get me busy sewing, nothing can. I am very intimidated, inspired, envious, and full of admiration for all these sewista’s and their garments!

  3. I am a pain to shop now.. With a lot of “£200 for a simple dress, I can make that ” oh looking seams and terrible finishes. Sometimes I miss the ingenuity of not caring and just be happy with what I bought.

  4. mzsweetpea says:

    Wowie I’ve saved your post to go to each site and see what they have been up to. The Valentino Dress (black lace) is FABULOUS…..I’ve been so inspired that I wrote a blog entry for which you can read……and had some more photos taken of another outfit I made from head to toe…..I should have taken the RTW-Not challenge, I’ve made my own clothes for about 7-8 years now….and love it!
    Thanks for all of your inspiration!!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Sarah – it was great meeting up with you last Friday evening! Hopefully the next time you’re in the city we can meet up again!

  6. Cissie says:

    Lucky you, Sarah! Two trips to new York and mood in as many weeks. Now that you promise to stay put for a bit, can’t wait to see what comes out of your sewing room. So fun to see what all my fellow fasters are up to!

  7. Teri says:

    Thank you so much for the challenge Sara! I am having a blast thinking about all things clothes again. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about a RTW fast to join us. Fun, inspiring group of women!

  8. twotoast says:

    Wow – great post! It is lovely to see how we are all doing, and yes, you are quite right – aren’t we a happy bunch! I have been recently completed a 2 day course run by a lady who teaches the Palmer/Pletsch fitting techniques – who new jackets could fit so well? I have been using patterns 3 sizes (let me repeat that THREE SIZES) too big! The only place they used to fit was round the bust, but now, amazing! I just need to work on the pesky armholes and I will put up a new post.

    So, thank-you Sarah – this has been the push that I have needed to get me back sewing and making clothes that I love :)

  9. WOW! These ladies have been busy! Love all the beautiful and fun (<3 the red skinnies, Barbara!) and amazing lace dress, Cissie! So impressive! I need to visit everyone's photo galleries as these few pictures are just fabulous! Well done, everyone! Looks like your year is going super for all of you!

    AHA…what happens to Project Runway contestants after the show….:) BTW, if you're a fan of PJ, Michael Costello's studio was featured on Bravo on Shahs of Sunset (ok, I'll admit to being a Reza fan – he has the best lines! The rest are just a tad CRAZY!) It was fun to see an actual contestant with a successful studio up and running!

  10. Leigh says:

    Yay Kooan!! I loved his crazy creative stuff. I totally knew what he meant on “not happy=not creative”. I hope he’s able to make a go of it.

    I decided to go on a RTW fast too. I’ve meant to ask – you mean just ‘regular clothes’, right? Do you make your bras/panties, etc? I don’t have any problems with those in RTW at a reasonable price, so why make them? And obviously tights and socks are bought. I’m NOT knitting all my socks. LOL

  11. Jacqui says:

    Amazing garments from the RTW fasters – Merry Christmas to all. Leigh making your own socks can become as addictive as fasting!!!

    • Leigh says:

      I’ve knitted socks – the bug didn’t bite. I’m too much of a showoff. I want people to SEE my hard work. Therefore I knit sweaters, scarves, stoles, shawls, etc. I buy SmartWool socks. :)

  12. jillybe says:

    Thanks for creating the space to keep us all connected Sarah! :)

    Leigh, I didn’t get that knitting gene either, and I love my Smart Wool socks :) (I hear WigWams are very good as well). And most of us are NOT making our own underwear, although panties are on my To Do List. (but not bras!)

  13. AJW says:

    This blog is incredibly inspirational — thank you, Sarah, and everyone, for all of your creative endeavors. You’ll never know the size of the effect you are having — it is amazing, I can assure you.

  14. Mollie Bobo says:

    From Molliefran

    I love this blog. I plan to officially begin the “fast” on January 1, 2013. My goal is to plan seasonal collections and execute a minimum of three pieces. When I reintroduced myself to sewing in 2007 I was strictly sewing for the granddaughters. Alas! The 13 year old is no longer captivated by my ruffles and flourishes. I have a few more years with the 8 year old but know that the end is near.

    Now I am beginning to reinvent my sewing style for myself. Loads of fun! I will post as I progress.

    Sent from my iPad personally to you!

    Mollie Bobo United Country Bobo Realty

  15. Jill says:

    I’m on my third project, learning to sew. I’ve been reading all the blogs you posted about, very inspired. Having fun!

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