From Grim to Grinning

What are your plans for All Hallows Eve?

After wearing a ratty black cloak for 600 years, I was in the Mood for a makeover.  How do you like it?

Since  I’m on call 24/7 , I need a dress perfect for morning, noon or night.

  Late one evening I walked through the walls of Mood Fabrics and found this gorgeous Italian wool double-knit. It was quite the bargain requiring only 1 ½  yards of fabric. After so many positive reviews on the Pattern Review website I put down the scythe, bought this Vogue pattern and made the dress in one day!

VOGUE 8593

The back darts allowed me to contour the dress to my shape, but I learned when Vogue describes a garment as close-fitting, sewers should  beware! Thank goodness my fabric has two-way stretch. 

I took a cue from Cissie  (now on the RTW Fasters page) and used a catch-stitch for the hem after serging the edge. The seams were also serged giving the inside of my new dress a tidy appearance.

I’m loving my new look so much, I would make this pattern in every color if my work wasn’t so dark.  :)  Wait……… what?!!!!!

What do you mean all of these years you thought I was a man?

I hope you won’t make that mistake again.

Now……….what ARE your plans on All Hallows Eve? Care to join me?

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59 Responses to From Grim to Grinning

  1. Carola says:

    Love the dress! It’s such a flattering pattern and I’m tempted to buy the pattern for myself too. I’m only just learning to love dresses on myself coz I’m a real jeans or skirt girl… maybe it’s the fact that RTW dresses don’t fit my 6ft height normally, but that’s all going to change now that I’m fasting and can make my own stuff to fit!! :)

    Oh, and sorry, we don’t do much with Halloween here in Australia so I can’t comment on what we’ll be doing. Enjoy!

  2. angela says:

    Cute dress! I might have to go see if my local Joann’s store still has some of the wool db knit left and make one of those in black for myself. Would make a great little black dress for winter. Thanks for the post.

    We have violin and cello lessons on halloween and will do a little trick or treating after. Then off to bed because they have school the next day ;)

  3. Rachel Busby says:

    Totally a cute dress!! I love reading your blog, it totally inspires me.

  4. Carolyn Boland says:

    Wonderful , creative ideas! Love your blog!

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Cissie Wellons says:

    Love your new look, Sarah. Gorgeous dress — and you don’t have to worry about hair and makeup!

  6. "Samantha" says:

    Love your dress and the clever blog entry; however, I avoid wool except for outerwear and my beloved Smartwool socks. It sounds as if you didn’t have to line this dress. Not the least bit itchy? Honestly — don’t even lust after cashmere if it will be next to my skin!

    • Hi Samantha! The dress is unlined and doesn’t itch at all, though I’ve worn lots of wools that do. Should you decide to try wool again you might want to consider double-knit wool jersey. Thanks for writing :)

  7. Meg says:

    Mrs. Gunn … love the dress! It’ll be perfect for the Terrier Ball or the game on Saturday. With the mask, of course!! :)

  8. Junee says:

    Love this post – the dress, the humor. I admit I never thought of GR as a lady, either.

  9. Beautiful dress Sarah, fits you like a glove, the neckline is interesting, except the mask is very scary, I`d jump out of my skin if you suddenly paid me a surprise visit.

  10. Miriam says:

    You definitely will be the best dressed ghoul on the block! We always decorate, more inside than out and hand out little bags filled with trinkets and candy. I love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday.
    Love your dress it’s beautiful.

  11. Carolyn says:

    Sarah – I love this dress on you! I’ve made a version of it and the neckline has such great detail with a small amount of effort. You definitely should make another!

  12. Shams says:

    A cute dress Sarah, and I love your creative and simple Halloween costume. :)

  13. Teri says:

    That dress is darling Ms. Grimm. I love the neckline. We will be at a trunk-or-treat in our church parking lot, handing out candy:)

  14. Katie G. says:

    The dress looks great!!! I’m loving the new look!!

  15. Karen says:

    What a great dress – and a great post – I am laughing!

  16. oh2bejoy says:

    Very pretty! I love the front neckline pleats. I have this pattern and have been thinking of making it….Now I will definitely make it!

  17. Clio says:

    LOL Well, I guess it’s true that every woman needs an LBD in her wardrobe! Great dress!

  18. Pauline Droy says:

    great looking dress Sarah, seems strange seeing in such a somber colour, but then again in your line of work I guess you need to dress appropriately :-)

  19. Ruth says:

    If only death was as well dressed!

  20. Lucinda says:

    I’m loving the dress and the costume idea! I think your review has now put that Vogue pattern on my “to sew” list.

  21. Joyce Love says:

    Bwahahahaha! Love your post & your new dress! So you are the Grim Reapette?!

  22. Heather says:

    I love this dress, and I really love using it for your costume. How efficient!

    We are going to an outdoor Halloween party this Saturday. Temps will be around 35, so I’m trying to find a way to use my ski pants and jacket as a foundation for a costume. They are mostly brown, so I may fashion some ears and wings and go as a bat.

    Halloween will be spent trick or treating with my 8 and 2 year old. It will likely be cold then as well, but it’s easier to stay warm when you are running from house to house for a boon of candy!

  23. carolinascallin says:

    So cute! I’ve been looking at that pattern – it turned out very nicely!

  24. Your dress is just the sort of dress I like for winter. We are going into summer in New Zealand but I will be sure to put it on my wish list for next winter.

    Halloween isn’t celebrated here in New Zealand. The retailers try to push it but I guess the seasons are all wrong down under for such a tradition. Trick or treating looses something when it is daylight until 9pm.

  25. Thank you, Andrea! I’ve never thought about Halloween in the Southern Hemisphere before but I can see how it’s not the same during summer weather. :)

  26. Dagmar says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Great dress and I can’t wait to see it in colours. I have the pattern too and I was wondering where you found it to be closer fitting than expected as I am also planning to make it. Thanks!

    P.S. Decorating my house and long driveway amounts to a 2 day project…making costumes with my kids (locked out NHL Hockey player and a lady bug) takes me another few days and perfecting my ugly witch make-up for door opening duties as trick or treaters arrive is another bit of time…thank God my costume is already waiting in the wings!

    • You’re going to have a blast on Halloween, Dagmar! I found this pattern tighter than I expected through the hips, abs and arms. Fortunately I made a muslin and made adjustments for the dress. Look forward to seeing your version :)

  27. Martha says:

    gorgeous dress. who knew it had such comic possibilities?

  28. Rose says:

    The dress looks terrific. I have some red wool knit jersey that would be perfect for this dress. I also have the pattern – just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ll be pulling it out of the drawer soon. On All Hallows Eve, I’ll be dressed in my witch hat and chasing the neighborhood children. After seeing your mask, I’ll have to work on my mine. (I like to be appropriately dressed!)

    • Have fun on Halloween, Rose. I’ve just been told my mask is too scary for children….but I seriously doubt anyone will be scared if I’m wearing the dress too! I believe the dress would sew beautifully in red wool knit – good luck!

  29. Amy says:

    What a post! Love the holiday spirit, and the neckline and fit of the dress!

  30. ZoSews says:

    Lol. That mask is really scary!

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