Keep on the Sunny Side – Vogue 8570

When the blue tracing lines unexpectedly transferred from the silk organza underlining to the seam line of my gorgeous 4-ply silk crepe, I did not cry, open a bottle or eat a gallon of ice cream.

I returned to my sewing room and began undoing two days of work until a storm took out the power, forcing me to get out my flashlight. After I removed the catch-stitching, ripped apart the seams and discarded the underlining, I started over.

…..and that’s the short version.

It’s great to be a part of the living again after being holed up for days trying to save this beautiful fabric I have so lovingly cared for.

Last July a medium reading my chakra energies (blogged here) recommended I bring more yellow into my life.

“Whatever,” I thought, but when I visited Mood Fabrics on a cold December rainy day, this gorgeous yellow silk practically leaped off of the bolt and into my arms.

Over the months I considered several different garments to make with the silk, but settled on a style I am constantly searching for,

that oxymoron known as dressy casual.

Since I was so pleased with the result of the  Vogue 8570 pattern, I decided to sew it as a dress.

It woulda coulda shoulda been easy had I decided not to try to turn it into a couture garment!  Thankfully, I had a little extra fabric and re-cut the front pattern pieces, but I had to sew the rest of it with larger seams making the dress slightly smaller. This beautiful Elizabeth McKay gold button in my stash added a lovely finishing touch, and now I’m ready to move on to garment #59.

Marcy the Medium might be pleased I’ve brought more yellow into my life.  I’m just pleased I  could make it work . 

Who’s ready to watch Project Runway tonight ?

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77 Responses to Keep on the Sunny Side – Vogue 8570

  1. Margaret Edger says:

    Really pretty dress. It reminds me very much of a Vogue pattern from the 60’s I use to make a lot.
    A. Maggie

  2. Phil says:

    Well done you! Yellow is unexpected but it really works. Wish we got Project Runway in the UK :(

  3. oonaballoona says:

    you are a shining yellow example for all sewists. i would’ve have the ice cream, the bottle, and an entire cake.

    seriously this color is exquisite on you, marcy the medium was right!!

  4. amalitar says:

    I definitely would have cried!!! But it was worth the save, you look great in it. It is perfect for the hottest days when you don’t want anything tight around the waist. Not that I would need that here, we’ve had 2 weeks of rain and 5 degrees below the average temp for this time of year, sigh! Can’t wait to see what other beauty you make for #59.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Oh, I love this one on you! That fabric is fabulous – and yellow is definitely a great color on you! Thanks for sharing your trials with this, too – gives hope to those of us who are prone to error…!
    Can’t wait for Project Runway tonight! It’s been on my phone calendar for months now :)

  6. Carolyn says:

    I’m so glad that you pushed through to the other side because this is one beautiful yellow dress! I can’t believe you’ve made 58 garments already, this has been one wonderful creative journey for you hasn’t it?!

  7. Pauline Droy says:

    that is such a pretty dress – screams summer here I am – your perseverance paid off.

  8. Erica B says:

    Your dress turned out beautifully! Love the color!

  9. Lori says:

    Very pretty dress, yellow looks great on you.

  10. Louella says:

    You look sensational in yellow!

  11. Linda T says:

    Love it! You always look so “put together.” I’m so jealous!

  12. prttynpnk says:

    What a wonderful shape on you! I’m so ready to spend time with Tim Gunn again.

  13. Cissie Wellons says:

    Gorgeous! I have had that happen a time or two with the tracing lines bleeding through. what a great save. Yellow is a good color on you! Oh yes — Project Runway. I’m ready! My 10 year old granddaughter and I have a standing date for this show, only I’m hoping they will clean up the language a bit!!!

    • Hi Cissie! I’m feeling a little better knowing the same thing has happened to you. I should have written to you for advice. Many thanks for writing and I hope you and your granddaughter had a great date last night!

  14. Myra says:

    Wow…absolutely stunning! Not only do you look gorgeous in yellow, this dress is a knockout! Such beautiful work on you part, why would anyone with you talents go back to RTW?

    …BTW, I am so ready for Project Runway, I could SCREAM!! It’s so overdue!

  15. You look amazing in yellow! Your sewing skills are really wonderful. I can see why you are now tempted to make every project “couture”. You’ve discovered the joy and and value of adding the touch of the “hand” in your work and it shows! Just lovely.

    • Thank you for such a nice comment, Violet! My sewing skills are improving but I would not say they are wonderful yet. The difference in a garment is amazing when you take your time and slow it down :)

  16. Karen says:

    Sarah, this is exquisite! That shade of yellow is gorgeous and you wear it so well! I never used to wear yellow, but I am finding myself more and more attracted to it all the time – so your #58 really speaks to me!

  17. Heather says:

    This is such a pretty dress and you look fantastic in it!

  18. Ruth says:

    Another winner! Would the tracing lines not have rinsed out? But well done for tenacity and perseverance. Not everyone can wear yellow but you can.

  19. sue says:

    Adorable dress!

  20. ZoSews says:

    Nice save!! It looks great on you :) I giggled reading this – imagining unpicking by torch light, now that’s dedication!

  21. AllisonC says:

    I admire your patience and perseverance, clearly the results were worth it, but I think I would have had to bust out the wine and ice cream first!

  22. Becky says:

    It’s gorgeous, and it looks beautiful on you. You should definitely wear more yellow. I truly admire your determination and focus. That was quite a save! Now, do tell how this happened so that I can avoid it. What made the color transfer happen, do you think?

    • Many thanks, Becky!
      The marks were transferred on to the silk when I pressed the seams. I pressed ALL of the seams on the wrong side first and when I turned the dress right side out every seam had one or two blue line running the length of the seam. It was a nightmare.
      I never knew this could happen and it has never happened to me before. I will always do a test from now on. :/

  23. gingermakes says:

    I love this dress! It’s such a great style, and the color looks amazing on you! It’s warm and summery and truly the perfect shade of yellow! Way to struggle through adversity to make it work! :)

  24. NinaLBoston says:

    I’m so glad that you were able to save this dress with your ingenuity. The style and the color look fabulous! You mention dropping in at Mood Fabrics — are you shopping there IRL or through the web? I’ve had enough mishaps web shopping, if I don’t have time for a swatch, that I’m a little down in the dumps about it. Even with a swatch, I do so much miss the opportunity of unwrapping a yard from the bolt so I can drape it over my shoulder, hold it close to my face, and step back to see how a print “reads” from a distance!
    So sorry about your power loss – this summer has been rife with trouble of that type, especially in the South and Midwest.

    • Thank you, Nina for the nice comment!
      I have only been to Mood Fabrics once which was last December when I accompanied my husband on a quick business trip to NY. I bought several pieces of fabric but have since placed online orders with Mood.
      I do not have access to many of the beautiful fabrics Mood sells. While there’s nothing like the real thing, I find the online services at Mood to be very helpful. I certainly would not have been able to make several of the clothes this year without the convenience of online ordering.
      The power is back on…. just one of those irritating weather issues that plague the South during the summer. :)

  25. June Shelley says:

    I have so enjoyed ALL your post and seeing the lovely garments that you produce. I can’t tell you how many times I pull something old out of the closet and think “if I sew this, or change a button, I could update this blouse or whatever….and then I hang it back in the closet. You have inspired me to remake when time permits (Babies & Weddings)….I drooled over the Red/white Zebra fabric !!!!
    Project Runway has ALWAYS been one of my Favorites!!! Thanks Sarah!!!!

  26. PendleStitches says:

    I know yellow is a new colour for you, but I do think that Marcy the Medium has it spot on. You look radiant in this dress and it’s well worth all the extra work you put in.

  27. Irene says:

    Now that’s perseverance! Turned out beautifully.

  28. Tia Dia says:

    O MY GOODNESS. That marking transfer would have made me cry, but I probably would have re-done it as you did. Love that colour and the crepe hangs beautifully. Well done!

  29. jlundy6116 says:

    another winner for you. Absolutely gorgeous!

  30. Heidi says:

    You make me want to have my Chakra read. I am writing because some time ago you mentioned transfer paper (for marking) you liked and I’ve forgotten the source. Can you remind me, please?

    • Hi Heidi,
      I’ve been out of town with unreliable wireless connection and am just now responding to comments. I ordered my transfer paper from Richard the Thread online.
      Let me know how that Chakra reading comes out!

  31. A storm, a power cut and torchlight? Wow, that’s determined. I too would have had the cake, saving the icecream for when the power returned. :o)

    Chakra cleverness – the dress shape and colour is just beautiful on you, please do wear more yellow as it suits you very well indeed. See, you are trying so many new things during this project.

  32. I love your writing! I’m sure Marcie the Medium will be happy (what a story, right there!) and the dress is absolutely divine. Very, very classy.

    • Thank you so much for this comment, Karen! I love to write and have hopes of being published one day. I’m loving this yellow dress.
      All best to you and your fine city during the Olympics! Enjoy and please keep posting Olympic related sewing events – they are quite entertaining! :)

  33. Angela says:

    I recently found your blog and have been looking through it. I was so happy to see this dress made and especially the photo of you wearing it. I have this pattern and wanted to make it and now I definitely will. Just got back into sewing after many years. I am having fun with it. It is a great dress and looks fabulous. Great job.

    BTW…You did not need to change the sleeveless top either. You look great, but I love it as a halter top.

    • Many thanks for such a nice comment, Angela! I found the pattern was very, very straight and long. Taking out 5 inches of length in the bodice was the answer to a terrible fit. Otherwise it was an easy pattern to make. Have fun with your sewing! :)

  34. AncientElna says:

    Truly lovely dress on you, and what determination to bring this project to a successful end!
    May I ask if you needed to do any pattern alteration to fit the bust? You have a lovely figure, with defined B,W,H yet I could not see any darts added to the pattern. (Wondering if I could wear this pattern successfully as I’m 5’1″ but busty.)

    • Hi Joan,
      Thanks so much! I did make alterations to this dress. I shortened the bodice by several inches and I increased the bust size through the center seam. Here is my PR Review and I believe there are others too. You may want to make a muslin before making the dress for fit – once I got it to fit I loved the pattern :)

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  37. Kati says:

    I love your dress! You definitely look nice in yellow.
    May I ask what type of lining fabric you have used? I’m thinking of ordering some silk and on their website they have some breathable acetate blend and that’s what they recommend as lining, however I’m undecided…

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