Style Arc Abby Cardi

I’m wearing the versatile Abby Cardi by Style Arc, a pattern which I received free during a company promotional. The WORTH cashmere sweater pictured below has been one of my wardrobe staples for nearly four years and served as the inspiration for this sewing project.  I wear the sweater throughout the winter months and pack it for all cold weather trips, but I typically cannot wear it past March. Beside it is the Abby Cardi I just made.


There are distinct differences between the two garments; the Worth sweater has beautiful tiny ribbed edges along the front and cuffs with long ribbing around the base. The Abby Cardi, made of a cotton/lycra/poly combo I found at Mary Jo’s has a turned hem. The Abby Cardi drape is created from the center back neckline seam while the Worth drape is naturally knitted into a flat front panel. The Worth fabric is a lush vivid color while the Abby Cardi hue is somewhat muted, but there is a distinct difference in price too.

I really like the cut of the Style Arc pattern because it is not too full. It folds and gathers nicely into a knot, and I’ll wear it this way often.


I’m so pleased to have discovered this pattern and plan to make it again, but I do hope Style Arc will reconsider its instructions. My pattern review is here.

Now I can continue from winter into spring wearing one of my favorite colors in one of my favorite styles.  I bet no one will even notice I’ve changed clothes!

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17 Responses to Style Arc Abby Cardi

  1. Sally says:

    Really lovely!

  2. Valerie says:

    That is so cute! I’ve been resisting Style Arc patterns but here I am living in Australia so I really should be patriotic and buy some, shouldn’t I ?

  3. Arlene says:

    Beautiful! I have never tried a Style Arc Pattern. I may have to do so now :)

    • Thank you, Arlene! So far so good using the Style Arc patterns and this is my second one. Shipping is a little pricey for me since they are shipped from Australia and I live in SC.

  4. nat says:

    I love it, the colour is perfect.

  5. Jamye says:

    Love this! Beautiful and so becoming.

  6. Mary says:

    What a fun project for you-your RTW cardi is so luxe…and now you have 2 which are so similar no one could tell them apart. Very flattering cardi.

  7. Pauline Droy says:

    Very nice – obviously we can see the ribbing detail of the original cardi, but when you look at the two together they are very very similar.

    great job

  8. As always, you look fabulous in this. I have never heard of Style Arc, will definitely check them out.

    • Thank you, Catherine! Style Arc is an Australian pattern company. So far, I’ve had good luck with the patterns. The only drawback is the instructions are very basic with few illustrations.

  9. Fab – I can see why you like Style Arc and we do too.

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