Red Ruffles

I can’t explain my sudden attraction to red, but in a just a few weeks I’ve gone from a person who rarely wore red to someone who can’t get enough of it.

H a p p y   V a l e n t i n e ’ s   D a y !

If I could select any outfit I wanted for Valentine’s Day, I would choose a red Valentino dress with ruffles. Believe me, I know this is no Valentino, but the spirit of Valentino’s feminine designs motivated this latest sewing project!

This Very Easy Vogue pattern was in my stash which I dressed up by adding a neckline ruffle.

 The fabric is the same wool jersey from Mood Fabrics I used for the red cardigan wrap, and I added a new technique to my sewing skills after finally investing in a new invisible zipper foot. What a difference!



I’m retiring the remaining red fabric until the next winter holidays draw near, but I am thrilled that sewing has led me to this warm and perky color!

Best wishes for a special Valentine’s day.

“Where there is love there is life.”    Mohandas Gandhi

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34 Responses to Red Ruffles

  1. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what a Valentino dress is, but I don’t think it could be any more lovely than yours. You’re a very talented seamstress. I’ve just signed up for your emails and look forward to seeing all your new creations. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  2. reecie says:

    Pretty dress for today, for sure.

  3. AH…….DOR…….A………BLE!!!!!!!!

  4. Art Attack says:

    Your attraction to red is your new found knowledge that you have everything you need inside you and at your fingertips, hence your year of sewing! I’ve always loved red (although it must be an orange red) but I simply can’t get motivated to do the PR contest. I have, however, discovered a new love for…guess what? Ruffles! I’ve never been attracted to them but now that I can serge a rolled hem to my hearts content I cannot wait to cover myself in ruffles! I was just thinking last night that might be my contest motivator and here is your post today…spooky…

    The invisible zipper foot will so totally change your life! Enjoy…Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend…

  5. Art Attack says:

    P.S. Duh…your red dress is simply fabu!

  6. love the addition of the ruffle, very romantic and perfect for Valentine’s day.

  7. Brenda says:

    For the last couple of years my desire to sew has waned. Nothing seemed to inspire me. But after finding your blog, reading your posts and seeing photos of your lovely creations I am beginning to find my long lost passion. Thank You.

    Lovely Valentine’s Day dress.

    • Thank you for this lovely comment. My sewing interests have come and gone over the years as well. The creativity + talent of Amy Butler and Annabelle LaRoque inspired me to try to make clothes again. However, I noticed once I committed myself to sewing again my own ideas began to emerge and I’m happy to be back at it again!

  8. Heather says:

    Lovely dress, lovely colour. I am going to get an invisible zip foot (who knew they existed?) I am on the “no purchased clothes” challenge…………………….at present it mostly consists of looking at my fabric stash and occasionally stroking a particularly attractive forgotten purchase!

    • Many thanks for you comment, Heather and good luck with your challenge! Isn’t it fun to see what we can do when we don’t shop?
      As far as the invisible zipper foot, I bought one specifically for my machine, although I believe there are universal ones around as well. I cannot believe I had never sewn an invisible zipper until now!!!!!

  9. Great dress and it is a good colour on you. Isn’t it funny how our perceptions of and affection for certain colours change over time. I kinda think the most people can wear most colours, it just depends how you wear it and accessorise it. Oh the power of make up too!!

    Anyway, I do have to get one of those invisible zipper feet …. gotta gotta.

  10. Elaine says:

    You should ~live~ in red and ruffles!

  11. Maggie Edger says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I think what you are doing is wonderful. What talent!!!! A. Maggie

  12. Love this dress! And, thanks for the inspiration! I just started sewing again, and am having trouble figuring out the right size patterns to buy. I seem to be a 16 on the top, and a 14 everywhere else! I decided to make muslin dummies for each new pattern so as not to ruin the better material. Wish me luck!

    • Thanks for the comment, Linda! I still don’t know what size I am because all pattern companies vary measurements and the amount of ease. I now make muslin dummies and it makes all the difference in my project results. I’ve also discovered making a muslin is less time and frustration than redoing an ill-fitting pattern. Best wishes for successful sewing experiences!

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  14. Suzi/FlFiFiLarue says:

    Oh my goodness…what a stunning dress on you! I have zoomed past that pattern before but you have kicked it up a notch with the ruffles and now I must rethink that pattern. And I have been looking for a reason to use my ruffler attachment…lolol
    Great Color Great Dress!!

  15. Violet says:

    Your dress is lovely. I have been bitten by the red bug too. I have a red coat this winter that is one of my all time favorites. This bug hit me about three years ago and like you, I can’t get enough of that color in my life!

    • Hi Violet,
      Somehow I missed your nice comment until now. Thank you so much! I bet it has been 15 years at least since I bought a red garment – and now yellow! I have always felt overwhelmed by primary colors but maybe I’m wrong OR just need those colors in my life at this time :) Many thanks for writing!

  16. Cennetta says:

    Pretty dress.

  17. Love this red dress! You look smashing, and what a fine job you did! You are one hot mama! ;)

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