This morning I cut out the paper pattern pieces for my next project, a dress using a Missoni knit I found at Mood Fabrics…… but it was not to be – yet.

D i s t r a c t i o n 

 Knowing I would be trying on the muslin  over and over again I put on a  button down shirt and my skinny J Jill jeans.

I   h a t e   t h e s e   l o w  – r i s e   j e a n s   o n   m  e   a n d   a l w a y s  h a v e .

 These skinny jeans make me feel fat.

Four years ago while attending an expensive home trunk show, the young sales rep who was fitting me asked me if I still wore jeans. She was completely unaware of how  demoralizing this question was to me as I tried to enthusiastically respond with a big              “Yes, of course.”

 A week later I spent $400.00 at a competitor’s trunk show and ordered two pairs of jeans – a size 4 and a size 6.  I’m sure those who are in perfect shape may never understand how I could buy the same jeans in two sizes….Then, the jeans did not pass the muster with my daughters –  way too much rise, too wide at the bottom,                        ugh.. they look like granny jeans.

I eventually bought the less inexpensive skinny jeans from J Jill  in a size 4 and a size 6 and have been uncomfortable ever since.

“Ah-hah!” thought I. “ I will take my expensive granny jeans and make them skinny!”    And so this morning these jeans

 became these jeans

 and the rise remains to stand at one inch below my natural waistline .


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10 Responses to Skinny!

  1. Doobee says:

    Brilliant – that’s the way to do jeans!!! Mix and match the top half with the bottom half. Now you have style and comfort….Brilliant!!!

  2. Elaine says:

    So true! I had the option of wearing jeans to work today and I opted out. My dress pants are far more comfortable than my low rise skinny jeans. Another pet peeve of mine is the no pantyhose dictum from somewhere. I hate the way most shoes feel without them and my legs look better with them too. Today I wore what used to be called “footies” with my ballet flats so my feet would be more comfortable. By the end of the day I was constantly pulling them up just to keep them on. I read recently that Kate Middleton was seen wearing very sheer hosiery. Yes!

  3. Thanks Elaine. No more low rise jeans for me! I love the narrow leg and plan to alter my other “expensive granny jeans” too. Now I feel I’ve added several new options to my wardrobe – all by tapering the legs on a pair of jeans!

  4. Sandy says:

    I’m NOT a 4 or a 6 (and I certainly understand buying two sizes of the same garment at the same time!), but it’s good to know that even you 4 – 6 sized ladies have little tolerance for low rise slacks/jeans! Of late, I’ve begun to purchase regular rise slacks and taper them in at the knee to get a flared look at the bottom (I’m a tad too ample to be wearing tapered slacks/jeans). While we definitely don’t want to bow to grannydom, we’re allowed to make “some” appropriate compromises relative to no longer being young chicks!

    • Yes we are and sewing allows us to do this! It never occurred to me to taper the legs of my jeans….. ever……. until I got back into the garment sewing state of mind. How lucky we are to have this hobby which allows us to create almost any look we want!
      Thanks for writing.

  5. Nora Huber says:

    Great idea. I have too many wide legged jeans. How did you taper? Did you take in the inseam as well as the outer seam? The inseam has that double stitching on it so I’m unsure about this. Loving your blog and your ideas. Nora

  6. Nora,
    Thank you for your comment. I tapered from the outer seam only. The legs on my jeans were not especially flared and it was an easy fix. I was so thrilled with the result that I took my second pair of expensive granny jeans and tapered the legs to jegging size. Now I can tuck them comfortably into the cute boots I received for my birthday. I am loving wearing both pairs of jeans now!

  7. Rita Lucido says:

    So you inspired me to do the same to a pair of my jeans yesterday. Next I’m going to try to make that little Burda dress you made in gray. I’ve never used my double needles, but I assume it isn’t rocket science. Any suggestions you want to throw my way will be appreciated.


  8. I love the neckline of the Burda dress! I had not used the twin needles in years but there was nothing to it. I doubt I would have used them had the instructions not called for them. Good luck!

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