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La Primavera

Dead perennials + leaves in the pool = w i n t e r  in South Carolina; t h e   p e r f e c t   t i m e   t o   g e t … Continue reading

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The Latest

One top costs $150.00 and the other is $29.99. Why is that?    In March of 2011 I bought the blue and white top at J. McLaughlin in Charleston, SC. I thought $150.00 was expensive for a spandex top, but … Continue reading

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Ebony and Ivory

 Some people are influenced by what they read. Some people are influenced by what they hear. And some people are influenced by what they see.  Since I started, over four months ago, sewing my clothes instead of buying my clothes … Continue reading

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New Look, New Life, New Home

The tale of three garments…. Wonder why I haven’t worn this skirt in a while… dull and dated but beautiful wool….wait a minute….. was this Talbot’s skirt actually made in Italy? I couldn’t resist trying to resurrect this skirt from another … Continue reading

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It’s done. I love it, and I’m glad it’s over. My Missonish fabric has become a dress! It was one of those sewing projects that didn’t come together until the very end…. as in when I basted the hem in … Continue reading

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This morning I cut out the paper pattern pieces for my next project, a dress using a Missoni knit I found at Mood Fabrics…… but it was not to be – yet. D i s t r a c t … Continue reading

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Do I  ever feel better! I wasn’t willing to go through the weekend agitated by my setback and got back to work,  but first things first. When I turned on my computer yesterday morning I knew immediately that  a positive … Continue reading

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Reality Check

So excited to sew knits on my new machine I bought the following pattern. I love the simplicity of this little dress and decided to try it out with a rust cotton knit from my stash before cutting my new … Continue reading

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