Nice and Easy

Is it over yet? The company is gone, the tree is dead, the house is a mess and Santa brought me a new serger!                                                                                                              To clean the house or sew: that is the question.                                                                             I compromised and cleaned my sewing room.

Oh, how I love easy sewing and here is my first serger product –  Very Easy Vogue 8669.

 Last month my family gave me this pair of boots for my birthday.

 My daughters take great delight in supervising my wardrobe, and suggested I wear these boots with skinny jeans or jeggings and a long top. I have no jeggings so I made the top to go with my J Jill skinny jeans that barely met their approval. I also added a pair of big earrings to get “the look”.  With my wardrobe consultants, new fabric and new machine I look forward to serging in the new year with lots of quickies!                                             Eight months and two days left to go.

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14 Responses to Nice and Easy

  1. LaKaribane says:

    I think you should make a dozen of these in solids or in prints, LOL! I love my serger, you are right about quickie. Trying to find my mojo but it’s hiding in the mess in my sewing space/mess. Happy new year and may you sew many FOs in 2012!

    • Many thanks! I plan to make the sleeveless version of the top as I love the versatility of sleeveless clothes. FOs……? Fast Ones I’m guessing – I’m all over speedy projects right now!

  2. Elaine says:

    Beautiful! I have an ancient serger that is SUCH a pain to thread. I should get it out today, tackle the threading, and go buy that pattern. I hope you’ll post the look your daughters approved someday.

    • Thanks, Elaine! I had an ancient serger too. It was free with the purchase of my machine 20 years ago. Because it was so hard to thread I kept it packed when we moved (9 years ago). I decided to get it out and found the thread guide was broken and well……. Santa was paying attention.
      I’ll try to post a daughter approved wardrobe pic soon!

  3. prttynpnk says:

    Oh, i love the drain of this top- so pretty. Don’t feel bad aboutr the jeggings- I think history will reveal them as another bad idea!

    • Thanks! The neckline stands on its own and needs zero accessorizing – I love that! Now that I’m sewing again, I bet I can make “jeggings” for less than $5. The question is – do I want a pair of jeggings…………..

  4. Carol says:

    Love that pattern! I’ll have to purchase it soon. Yes, a serger is a great thing to add to the sewing room. I got the Babylock imagine last year at the Quilt show in Houston and the threading is a piece of cake on that girl!

  5. Carolyn says:

    I love your compromise and your new top! Congrats on getting a new serger!

  6. Thanks, Carolyn. Grown up toys are so very exciting!

  7. I have that pattern and plan to make the same style as soon as I purchase the fabric, but, I can garantee I won’t look as good as you do in yours. Your sense of style and choice of color are an inspiration to me…

    • Hi Sandy! I’ve made it twice and like the pattern. For me, I found it runs slightly small in the bust even though it looks very loose in the pattern illustrations. Good luck and many thanks for writing!

  8. Mary Lynn says:

    I LOVE looking through your wonderful sewing projects! Just discovered these tonight. Having so much fun looking at your sewing. It’s so wonderful and everything fits beautifully (how do you do that?) and suits your style perfectly! Amazing how our daughters try to at least keep us in the know. (sometimes not in a very kind and gentle way……….but better to know!) Noticed you had lots of fabrics from Mary Jo’s – must try to get there. How did you learn to fit yourself so well? That’s my hardest thing…… Awesome sewing! Gad you share!

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