Three Months and Still Sewing

What can I say other than I like blouses with ruffles!  I made this silk dupioni top  in a hurry, and now, I wish I had planned a holiday wardrobe because I truly don’t have one other than a couple of dresses.

About the top –  its an old Butterick pattern which was pretty simple but I changed the flounce to a ruffle to better frame my neck and dress it up a bit.  I also added a sash because I didn’t care for the tie. Last night I wore it with winter white wool pants and these Kate Spade shoes I bought last February on sale.

Today is my  t h r e e – m o n t h  a n n i v e r s a r y  of  n o  clothes shopping for one year! Buying clothes is becoming a distant memory as I plod along with my scissors, pins and sewing machine. My commitment to this undertaking grows stronger with each finished garment  reminding me of not only the money I’m saving, but the importance of discipline and self-improvement.

My husband invited me to go to NYC in a couple of weeks and all I can think about is going to Mood Fabrics! I never seem to get beyond museums, performances and eating in NY, but on this trip he will be working, and I’m determined to find some time for fabric shopping during the short time I am there. Please let me know if you have a favorite NYC fabric shop I might check out.

Until soon!

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13 Responses to Three Months and Still Sewing

  1. Carol says:

    Beautiful blouse! Your fabric choice is spot on as well. I want a fabric shopping trip to NYC!!! Have a great time. I think there is a whole thread on PR boards about fabric shops in NYC with maps and all. I have no idea where I saw this. There is a blog about fabric stores in NYC here at

  2. Thanks so much, Carol!
    I’ll definitely check out the shopthegarmentdistrict website! I’d love to find some beautiful silk prints.

  3. prttynpnk says:

    This is so encouraging, your work is so pretty and you have so many pretties to brag about. Congrats on a successful 3 months!

    • Thank you! While I like my choices of fabric and patterns, my work is not always where I’d like it to be. I’d love to take a couture class or even a class designed for intermediate sewing but all of the sewing shops in my town are gone now. After Christmas I hope to find some good class offerings s o m e w h e r e close by.
      Three months of no clothes shopping is an accomplishment in and of itself for me, so in that respect alone it is a success!!

  4. Bethsews says:

    You do love some ruffles! But of course they look great on you too. That is so cool that you are going to Mood – get a picture (with the dog maybe?) to show us when you get back!

  5. Girls in the South and their ruffles :) I’ve found a certain type of ruffle is flattering on every woman as long as it’s not too big or too much. Ruffles also tend to diminish the need for lots of accessories in my opinion, but I’m just speaking for myself.
    I must start watching Project Runway as I know nothing about Mood Fabrics or the dog!! Thanks for the tip!

  6. LaKaribane says:

    I second the recommendation Carol made: Meg aka Lindsay T has downloadable maps and even restaurant recommendations. She started sewing again in 2008 and, conveniently, her office is near the Garment District so she knows what she’s talking about.

    I went to NYC last October and everything is pretty close together, as far as I can tell.

  7. Just found your blog! Totally obessed with your grandmother’s sheet shirt. OMG! I am off to fabricland (I am Canadian) to get the pattern. I will check back when I make my version. Lovely blog.

  8. Hi! Can you tell me which Butterick pattern you used to the shirt? I think I can get old patterns on line. Thanks again for the fun inspiration!

    • Hi Linda,
      Good to hear from you! The pattern is Butterick 4735. I bought it around five years ago and believe I saw it on Etsy recently. Good luck!

      • Linda Buikema says:

        Hi! I bought it on ebay! I’m making a dummy, then I’ll try the ruffle like the one you made. My son is getting married in March of 2013 and I’m hoping to rev up my sewing skills in time for his “country chic” ranch wedding here in Texas! Thanks again!

      • Oh good – I’m so glad you found the pattern! Good luck with all of the wedding details!

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