BASICS is not a dirty word

Now, I know there is nothing unique about this skirt, and I took dozens of pics trying to capture its special qualities. There are none.

What is special, is that I found a skirt pattern that fits well, as well as one that I really like! I suppose if one sews long enough, one will have a collection of go-to patterns. I now have three but this is the only one I have not altered in any fashion, and the fit truly resembles the Simplicity pattern photo, although I omitted the front pockets.

As a person committed to sewing my own clothes for one year I recognize the need to make  b a s i c s , though the mention of that word conjures up my outdated Talbots wardrobe I’m trying to escape. My new houndstooth skirt hits just above the knee and looks great with boots so I’m sure I’ll wear it a lot.

T H E   E V E N I N G   G O W N

Many thanks to all of you for the very helpful suggestions and guidance as I attempt to make an evening gown. Yesterday I spent hours following your leads and links and am getting closer to a decision about what to make. I won’t bore you with the details since I’ve yet to make a final decision, but I can tell you I will NOT be making the Marfy pattern.

Until soon!

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7 Responses to BASICS is not a dirty word

  1. Carol says:

    I’ve just finished ready all your entries! I love your style and sense of humor. I’m was a die hard Talbot’s shopper until last year about this time when I had a falling out with the manager at my store that I’m sure I spent thousands of dollars over the years. I vowed to NEVER shop there again and I haven’t set foot in the store or had a catalog or e-mail from them since. I always loved their clothes and am still wearing them, just not anything they have come out with for a year. In fact I’m in the process of copying a pair of side zip pants now.

    I love your silk top from the fabric at Liberty Dept store. I just visited the Liberty store last summer and purchased 3 pieces of Liberty cotton fabric and have been scared to cut.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing your creations and reading about the journey! Oh, and I found your site through Pattern Review!

    • Thank you for your comments, Carol – I just love meeting kindred spirits through blogging! I’m in no position to give advice but I am actually glad I waited before sewing my silk. I could have never pulled off the look Ciao envisioned, and would have ended up with an unimpressive garment. Have fun admiring your Liberty fabrics until you’re ready to sew!!

  2. Bethsews says:

    I like it! And now that the hard part is done (proofing the pattern), think how great it will look in whatever other fabrics you choose – can’t wait to see!

    • Thanks, Beth! I know the reason I like it so much is because it fit so well with such little effort – a rarity in my 30+ years of sewing. I’m still not that competent at adjusting patterns for the perfect fit and truly relish an easy pattern.

  3. Valerie says:

    It’s a great little skirt. ‘Basics’ are good and it is, as you say, all in how you put it together.

  4. Lori says:

    Gorgeous skirt, thanks for the review at PR. This pattern seems to be just what I am looking for, especially after reading “movement without fullness”. Thanks and happy sewing.

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