Talbots & Kate Spade

If I like Kate Spade so much, then why is my wardrobe brimming with clothes from Talbots?


I love Kate Spade's color combinations!


I’ve been in a wardrobe rut for a while. My mother worked at Talbots until she earned a lifetime 40% discount, hence many of my clothes are from Talbots.  I’ve been in such a Talbots rut that I have bought things on my own without the 40% discount. It’s easy…. the sizes are reliable… and of course, they are good old basics which have added up to a predictable and unexciting wardrobe.   I’m not knocking Talbots  – I just have too much it.

On the other hand, I adore Kate Spade.  The  whimsey  of the website is so cheerful, and I find meandering around the small Kate Spade stores to be quite fun, but I have  no Kate Spade clothes.  I don’t get what has kept me from the Kate Spade look all these years. Am I afraid of appearing frivolous in bright colors, stripes and big polka dots?

It’s time for some wardrobe fun which I can now do without the guilt, and in this spirit I made this purple silk skirt for twenty-seven dollars.

B  O  O  !

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11 Responses to Talbots & Kate Spade

  1. Bethsews says:

    Love love the color. And since I have been watching Project Runway a little too much lately, I will just say I love the way you styled it :)

  2. Valerie says:

    I love your blouse. Do you try on the Kate Spade? Maybe one would follow you home. On the other hand it’s OK to admire stuff and leave it be, knowing it just doesn’t resonate with your style or lifestyle and would be a waste of money.

    • Thanks, Valerie. Since I’m not buying clothes for a year I better not let one follow me home right now! I have tried on a few Kate Spade clothes and can’t really say why I’ve never bought any…. possibly because I’d find an expensive skirt which I didn’t have anything to wear with it, or I’d try on a dress in the wrong size. In a way this year is about taking charge of my wardrobe even though I’m not buying RTW, and hopefully Kate Spade inspiration clothes will suffice!

    • The blouse is an Anne Klein I bought a couple of years ago but I only wore it with black. I love it paired with the purple skirt – definitely a Kate Spade inspiration!

  3. Elaine says:

    I really like your adaptation of Kate Spade style. Unfortunately the wild stripes and polka dots would overwhelm me. I could see that red jacket in my wardrobe though. Sometimes I love Talbots and other times, no. Right now I am wearing a pair of Talbots capris. Talbots may not always be the most stylish, but it is almost impossible to look “tacky” dresssing out of Talbots I think. Haven’t they been changing up their looks though? I liked what they had last spring.

    • Thanks, Elaine for writing. I have just been uncreative in wardrobe selections the past few years and Kate Spade’s fun styles are suddenly speaking to me. I don’t knock Talbots and am wearing a Talbots white shirt and J Jill (owned by Talbots) skinny jeans as I write this response!

  4. Elaine says:

    After I read your reply above I read a post on another blog about Kate Spade. I love these spring fashions as well. I think I should say that I really wish I could pull off the the black and white coat you showed and I know someone it looks just like. Here is a link to the Kate Spade post for you.


    This first cold day here had me at the sporting goods store buying Smartwool socks. I assume you aren’t knitting your socks. Right?

    Love your blog. Is it still a secret?

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