Liberty of London Part II

My last trip to London was three years ago. My daughters were with me and I enthusiastically prepared them for our shopping trip to Liberty of London, but sadly, things had changed.  No more dressmakers, no quilts and far less fabric. Much of the floor space once occupied by bolts of gorgeous and unique fabrics was replaced with ready to wear shirts and skirts in Liberty cotton prints.  It was depressing when compared to the store I first visited in 1993, and I never saw it coming. The store appeared to have suddenly changed though I doubt that’s the case.

“How long are we going to stay here, Mom?”

Liberty was special to me no matter what  and I was determined to bring back something memorable………..quickly.

I entered the pattern room and laid my eyes on a book that has changed my life.

 I quickly scanned the pages and saw every sewing project I had ever thought about in fabrics I had only dreamed of.   I KNEW I would find something special at Liberty!

“You came all this way to buy this book?”  asked the bewildered clerk…………..

While carefully reading the book on the flight home, I chuckled when I realized why the clerk was confused, and the joke was on me. I came all the way to Liberty of London to buy a book by Amy Butler, the premier American textile designer who was quickly on her way to becoming an international figure!

Yes, I was now someone who traveled half around the world in search of meaning and pleasurable pursuits only to discover what I was seeking was in my own back yard. You see, I live 60 miles south of the headquarters of Westminster Fabrics, the company that manufactures Amy Butler fabrics, and 30 miles north of the distribution center, but I had never heard of Amy Butler.

It had been years since I had sewn clothes, and it was Amy Butler who rekindled my interest in sewing again which is a story for another post.  I guess you could say this skirt is a tribute to Amy Butler.

I made it out of a package of Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain fat quarters which I ordered just so I could be around the entire collection. Though it was made before my pledge to make clothes for one year, I might still be shopping had I not discovered Amy Butler via Liberty of London.

KNEW I would find something special at Liberty!

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2 Responses to Liberty of London Part II

  1. Bethsews says:

    Great story! Cute skirt!

  2. Thanks, Beth! This skirt was fun to make – definitely improvisational sewing!

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