I’m ending the first month of my one year promise to make and not buy clothes with  ruffles!

                          Around a year ago I saw these beautiful tops on the LaRoque website.

When I recently discovered this Simplicity pattern  I thought I had a close match and decided to put my newly learned Cal Patch skills to work.  I spent $9.00 on this pattern solely for the neckline and the ruffle – definitely a worthwhile investment. I’ve had the fabric so long I don’t remember where it came from.

 During the month of September, I’ve made 3 tops in varying shades of brown, gold and black. It wasn’t intentional, but since my family roots for the Wofford College Terriers whose colors are black and gold, I’ll be dressed in school colors for every occasion.

My first month away from buying clothes has been refreshing to my psyche and my bank account.  I’ve added eight items to my wardrobe for $65.00. When I compare this to last month’s extravagance, I have a sense of accomplishment rather than guilt.  While there are no Valentinos, Millys, Lillys, or Kates gracing this month’s collection of miscellaneous garments, there is the underlying satisfaction that accompanies independence.  My sewing is improving too………

Have a great weekend!

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8 Responses to Ruffles!

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Great work! Your sewn items are lovely and enviable- you don’t need retail!

  2. Lakaribane says:

    Congratulations! I didn’t know this brand but the tops are are really cute. Maybe you’ve seen the discussion on PR about the economics of sewing?

    I think a couple of bonuses of sewing are customized fit and, most importantly to me, a sense of accomplishement : I made it myself!

    Bon courage and love your fabric choice. I bought this pattern for the ruffles and neckline too, LOL!

    • Thank you and please let me know if you come across other intriguing necklines (and ruffles) in your sewing pursuits!
      LaRoque is a label owned by Annabelle LaRoque in Columbia SC. She is so talented and industrious, and I hope she will be really successful one of these days.
      I’m still working on the “customized fit” aspect of sewing! I really think fitting oneself is the hardest part of sewing, and I need all the help I can get. I find the simplest style can be the hardest to fit.
      I’ll read up on the economics of sewing on PR. I appreciate the tip!

  3. Shirley says:

    OH! I have this pattern in my stash, but haven’t made it. Right now Hobby Lobby has Simplicity for $0.99 too so if anyone wants it and I am betting that they will after seeing your gorgeous top, this would be a good time to pick it up.

    Thought of you when I looked through an Athleta catalog today. Although I did make some yoga pants that I wore a lot a few years ago, I think athletic clothes, especially winter ones, are a challenge. It is so hard to find materials that are similar unless you are lucky enough to have a great fabric store nearby. Of course, I could probably order online, but I do love to be able to touch and see fabrics — especially when they tend to be expensive ones.

    Yes, have a great weekend. It looks like perfect weather for a football game.

    • Thank you, Shirley! I have three pair of yoga pants and they are going to have to last one year. That’s all there is to it :) With good fabric stores quickly becoming scarce I have begun to order some fabric online. If I’m considering an expensive fabric I will ask the store for a sample because I’m with you on touch and feel before buying.
      And you’re right – the weather will be perfect for a football game. Terriers, here we come!

  4. Beth says:

    I love the fabric you chose and this looks great on you! Can you believe this cool weather? Will be fun to sew some things for Fall…I look forward to see what you do! – Beth

  5. Caroline Lazzara says:

    Do you have a zipper in the top as the pattern shows or is there enough room in the neckline? I absolutely love this pattern. Your top is gorgeous!

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