I’ve was so busy assembling the 24 pieces of this skirt that I barely had time to glance at the Kate Spade 1 Day only 75% off online sale. Making this skirt saved me hundreds of dollars in that respect alone.  The skirt is fine and it does fit but it doesn’t have much pizzazz. I was tempted by the Amazing Fit title and ordered it some time ago.

I found this beautiful  woven silk at Mary Jo’s last week  and thought the two would be a good match. 

I’ve learned I’m still a little rusty………… Underlining, lining, basting and re-basting on this raveling fabric has taken days!  I’m looking at my first month as an exploratory period since I’ve been all over the place trying to find my groove with the needle and thread.

The lesson that sticks with me on this project is –

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication “   Leonardo da Vinci                                          and that means no more 24 piece skirts!

PS……… The purple sweater set came from Harold’s – years before it closed in 2008. I’ve never had anything to wear with it and I do think the skirt fabric is a perfect match.

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3 Responses to Simplicity

  1. Beth says:

    Was reading on Pattern Review and found your blog…and I think I’ll be following along with your progress. I haven’t made the same vow as you but I am going to sew for myself this year after many years of only sewing for the girls (one in college, one in 8th grade)…so I was resonating with your comments about shopping. Looking forward to seeing what you do! I also think we may be sorta near each other, geographically, based on the Mary Jo’s and other references. Oh, and I think its a hoot that this is a “secret” blog too…love that, and your reasons why…

    I’m Bethsews on Pattern Review…keep up the good work, you’re inspiring!

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